Still haven’t been to the book fair

We were going in for a routine checkup once the due date came and went, and afterward we would get pho then go to the book fair, but then the baby’s heartbeat wasn’t registering on the monitor and the midwife decided we needed to induce. Goodbye birth center, hello hospital! We started on cervadil at 4:20 and for the next four hours I only felt somewhat intense cramps while we listened to The Bugle and played cribbage. After the midwife administered the second dose, the contractions became INTENSE. The nurse came in once and mentioned that I was getting a little loud. I told the midwife, a mother of two, that she had no idea what I was going through and she called me a drama queen. I finally caved for the epidural around midnight and baby was born at 8:18. The entire time I was tied to the monitors, baby’s heart rate was loud and clear. He was born on what would have been my dad’s 70th birthday, and I believe his spirit is always present with my son. Baby just turned once and we finally got pho. I still haven’t been to the book fair.
-by Sarah Lyon

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