To the love of my life – my daughter, Josephine Rose…


Your birth was such a powerful and precious event.  I’ll write about it here – but I don’t think words will be able to capture how magical it really was.

Your daddy and I have been waiting for so long for you to come to us – it’s been many years that we have been trying to have a baby – and finally, you decided you were ready!  When we found out I was pregnant with you, daddy and I didn’t even need to do a lot of thinking about how we wanted you to meet the world.  We knew we wanted a beautiful, natural home birth.  And luckily, with the help of Oma in Atlanta, we found an extraordinary, sensitive, talented, lovely midwife up here to help guide us in our journey.  Her name is Nancy and I think she’s an angel. :)

So, daddy and I went to months and months of appointments and classes – learning how to have a baby, how to feed a baby.  We learned and discussed and planned…  During this time, we even had our lives uprooted a bit when we were forced to move when I was about 7 months pregnant!  Even in the upheaval, we never lost focus – we both kept developing our plan for your birth in our minds and hearts.  [[and truthfully, the new apartment was a much better place to be born anyway!]]

We learned so much during my pregnancy – about you, about ourselves, about the changes we were about to go through.  We were ready!

Your official due date was August 27th.  Nancy recommended that we add at least a week on to this date when people asked, though.  This is because first time mommies often have babies a little bit late and we didn’t want people asking and asking if/when you became a little post-due.  It was a good plan.  Our stated due date for you turned out to be September 5th (Labor Day).

August 27th came and went.  I felt big and pregnant, but not ready yet.  The morning of September 1st, I began feeling some cramping and back pain, and I was having a ton of warm up contractions (braxton-hicks).  It wasn’t too bad, so I went on with my day – took you and Lucia for our daily 5 mile walk, went into the acupuncture office for an errand.  Normal stuff.  Since I’d never been in labor before, I wasn’t sure what was going on, only that it was different.

By midnight (9/2/11), the cramping was getting more intense, but it still didn’t have a regular pattern to it.  I tried to sleep, but it was strong enough that I couldn’t.  I got up, walked around the block, around the house, laid on the couch – but the cramping was still pretty strong.  By 2am, the feelings were pretty strong and regular, about 5 minutes apart.  I called Nancy, called Mia, told Oma to get a flight here ASAP, and finally, woke up daddy.  It’s time – labor had officially begun.

Daddy was confused and excited when I woke him up.  He ran around the house preparing things – filling the birthing tub, putting on the birthing bed sheets, playing our planned birth day play list (even though I don’t remember hearing any of the songs, it is a great mix!).  Watching daddy multitask when he’s excited is funny – he doesn’t do it very well, but in the end, he did a great job getting everything ready. :)

I concentrated really hard during labor – so much that I actually don’t remember a lot of it.  I focused on breathing during surges and resting in between.  Daddy was next to me the whole time – in the bed, in the tub, walking around.  He supported me physically and emotionally, and gave me water to drink.  He was amazing.

By about 11am on the 2nd, I started getting the urge to push.  I though, wow, this is really happening, our baby is almost here!!  It gave me new found strength and energy.  I pushed for a while, but it didn’t feel like you were moving much.  I told Nancy this and she asked if I wanted her to check me to see if my cervix was opened enough.  I told her yes – she should check.  She did, and she saw a little bit of cervix was in the way (a cervical lip).  She pushed it back and I continued to push.  It felt better.  Oma arrived around this time.  My birth team was complete.

I pushed – on my side, on my back, on a birthing stool.  Ah, the birthing stool – that was the answer.  Gravity is our friend!  I pushed, your head moved down  I could see it in a mirror, feel it with my hand.  I pushed – there was some burning – you had crowned.  I was ecstatic.  Suddenly, Nancy said – turn around and get on all fours!  I was a little nervous – there was some urgency in her voice – but I trusted Nancy and turned around as quickly as I could.  She reached in and helped your shoulder rotate (I think it was stuck because you had your little hands up by your head in the womb…).  It probably should have hurt when Nancy did this, but I didn’t feel a thing.  I pushed.  You came out!!  Nancy caught you and handed you to me.  You were so mad!  Screaming and red.  But the screaming was good – it cleared your lungs out really well!  I held you to my body.  You were beautiful, perfect.  Mia announced you were a girl.  I announced your name – “Josephine Rose” – it was
perfect.  Your daddy and I held each other and you.  We were awestruck – it was all perfect.

I love you baby girl and I wish you a peaceful, fulfilling life – full of love and wonderful surprises and dreams come true.  You are my dream come true.


-by Bethany

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