Edan Lepucki & Stephen Colbert Take on Amazon

In the most phenomenal use of TV fairy godpeople since Oprah, Stephen Colbert has rocketed Labor Day contributor Edan Lepucki to the top of the Powells.com best-seller list. When Amazon.com made it impossible to order books published by Hachette, including Colbert’s, he and fellow fairy godfather Sherman Alexie issued a challenge to viewers of The Colbert Report: pre-order Lepucki’s debut novel California on Powells.com. Over 6400 viewers did. Now, Colbert wants to put the novel at the top of the New York Times best-seller list. See the video here.

tumblr_n73h3mD6f41qd3jsao1_1280You can help make history by buying the book Jennifer Egan calls “a lush, intricate, deeply disturbing vision of the future.” Pre-order it from Powells.com here, or at your local independent bookstore.

And if you haven’t read Edan’s beautiful Labor Day essay “If, If, If,” read an excerpt here.

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