33 Years Ago

My story begins 33 years ago when my first baby girl decided to spoil all my midwife/ birthing clinic plans and present herself butt first. The midwives had to hand me off for a c-section. Back then the doctors weren’t attempting v-bac’s so baby #2 was also a c-section. All through pregnancy #3, the doctors kept telling me they didn’t like to do more than 3 c-sections so I should be done having children after this one. In the early morning hours the day of my scheduled surgery, my water broke, so we headed to the hospital earlier than planned. My sweet doctor was relieved that I had started labor on my own because it reassured him that baby was ready to be born. When I woke up in the recovery room, my first thought was that I really hadn’t needed to have a c-section, that I could have had him naturally.

I went on to have 4 more children. After reading a book about natural delivery after Cesarean and meeting a lay midwife, I decided to try a home delivery with #4. My labor was long and didn’t progress well, so after many hours we went to the hospital and had another c-section. The surgeon was worried about the health of my uterus after laboring so long after having 3 c-sections. But when he did the delivery, he was very impressed at the health of my uterus and said he couldn’t even see the old scars. I was encouraged when I heard that and went on to have more babies. The next three were born at home, with the help of a midwife. Being able to make it through natural childbirth was one of the greatest thrills of my life. It was such a blessing to be at home with my family and the recovery was much easier. Each of my birth experiences were a little different but they were all very special.
-Vesta Brown

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